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Scott McAulay Family New Options Funeral Service prides itself on providing a caring, family run, professional, and cost effective funeral service.

We are one of the few remaining family owned and operated mortuaries left in Orange County. With three generations working together to create an experience of compassion, service, and quality.

The greatest goal of our family is to serve Christ through our business. Our calling is to our ministry and our ministry is serving those in their time of grief. Our proudest moments are when we have served a family well.

The small size of our staff and dedication to our families leads to personalized service. We take the time to sit down with you in either your own home or our office. In our office, we sit around a family style table and discuss who your loved one was before making plans. There are no commissions or time restrictions. We will work with you and your family until we have created the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Personalized Care

Scott McAulay Family New Options Funeral Service strives to provide the best care possible for each of our families. From personal phone calls to following through with all the details of a service, we are here to serve every need a family might have.

Everyone deserves to be memorialized with a personalized service that reflects their personality. We can help customize everything from the casket cap panel to the memorial folders or cards to the flowers that decorate the stage. Every memorial can reflect your loved one's personality, interests, and passions. Memorial services are important for the grieving process and we encourage every family to find a way to say goodbye that fits their family and loved one.

We proudly serve those who have served our nation.

A Little History

Scott McAulay Family New Options Funeral Service celebrates 20 years in Orange County in 2017. Originally founded under the name New Options Funeral Service, Gus and Scott set out to create a company that returned the funeral business to its service first roots. They have built their business by putting families first and focusing on being not just a business but friends as well.

Gus is a third-generation funeral director originally working with both his father and grandfather. Scott, the fourth generation, is dedicated to continuing and growing the family legacy.

In 2003, Scott’s wife, Linda, joined the company. When the decision was made to purchase a local casket store in 2010 Linda took over the running of the store. In 2016, the store and mortuary officially merged and both received a name change. The business officially became Scott McAulay Family New Options Funeral Service.

In 2015 Scott’s daughter, Erin, joined the business part time as she raises her young children in preparation to one day take over the business from Scott. She will be the fifth generation to serve Orange County.

Current Services

Ezekiel Nathaniel Ford (Mr. Ford)

Born: April 1, 1922
Marksville, Louisiana

Passed Away: April 18, 2019
Fullerton, California

Delbert DeWayne Daniel

Born: August 23, 1941
Borger, Texas

Passed Away: May 4, 2019
Fullerton, California

Hattie Odelia Schenck

Born: June 3, 1954
Norfolk, Virginia

Passed Away: April 17, 2019
Placentia, California

Dr. George Giacumakis

Born: July 6, 1937

Passed Away: April 6, 2019
Fullerton, California

Joseph Guadalupe Alnozo

Born: October 3, 1931
Phoenix, Arizona

Passed Away: March 19, 2019
Lakewood, California

Larry Madera

Born: July 15, 1939

Passed Away: January 11, 2019
Orange, California

Kenneth Lane Walker

Born: February 27, 1930
North Dakota

Passed Away: January 24, 2019
Yorba Linda, California

Ella Armijo

Born: January 10, 1925
Los Angeles, California

Passed Away: January 14, 2019
Fullerton, California

Minerva Gonzales

Born: January 21, 1960

Passed Away: December 26, 2018
Riverside, California

Donald Messenger

Born: December 14, 1920
Wichita, Kansas

Passed Away: November 30, 2018
Riverside, California


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