Planning a Service

When planning a funeral the many decisions that must be made can be overwhelming, especially if your loved one did not leave any instructions, or communicate their desires.

This handy guide can help you work through all the decisions and even get the discussion started for your family about what you want when the time comes.

Step 1 – One of the first decisions that must be made is who provide the funeral services. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a funeral home including: service options, service policies, facilities available, and cost.

Step 2 – Next the type of final disposition must be decided. The basic choice is whether you will cremate or burry your loved one. There are advantages to each and it can be a very personal decision.

Step 3 – Once you have decided on final disposition, it’s time to decide how to say goodbye. There are many different options to fit every need. A full memorial with viewing can be arranged or a you can have your loved one cremated and host a small memorial on your own. We encourage all families to find a way to honor their loved one and say goodbye, it can be a family dinner where stories are shared or a funeral attended by all their family and friends. Either way finding a way to say goodbye helps bring closure and begin the healing process.

Step 4 – Once you have decided how to honor your loved on, it’s time to get down to the details. What all needs to be done depends on what kind of memorial you have decided on. Here are some basic questions to think about and answer that apply to most situations.

  • Where will the memorial be?
  • Who do you want in attendance?
  • Who will lead/oversee the memorial?
  • What do you want to happen at the memorial (people to share stories, a video)?
  • What do you want the feel to be? Do you want it to be a more serious affair or a joyous celebration of their life?